Working (Out) Around the Coach’s Schedule

Just got home from a professional development for our transformation to a 1:1 technology school. We worked with our Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. Having the time to sit and work through it was super helpful.

For most teachers, the day after Memorial Day is just another day in the life of summer vacation; however, most teachers aren’t married to a football and basketball coach. Our summer schedule is almost busier than the regular school schedule. This year even more so because of having Maclin and wanting to add that to the balance. My normal gym workouts have to be divided into “Do at Gym” and “Do at Home” so that I’m home when my husband leaves for football every day at 5:30 a.m. So, most days I’ll do some cable and accessory work at the gym, and, because I have such a great husband who built me a home gym complete with a homemade squat rack, I’ll do any major lifts at home.File_000

You’re probably thinking 2 things:

  1. You have a home gym. Why are you still paying and going to a commercial gym?
  2. Why don’t you just workout later after your husband is home?


  1. I do A LOT of cable, kettlebell, and machine work in addition to my major lifts. It’s going to take more time and $ to add any/some of those to what I already have. I also like the mirrors.
  2. Lol….how many times have you said “I’ll work out after work” and found something else to do or had something come up? No excuses early in the morning. Besides, I teach summer school, and after it’s over I would like to get in some time with my baby.


So between adjusting my workouts and their timing, dealing with summer school,the endless camps/weightlifting sessions/scrimmages/games/practices that my husband has, professional development for school, and spending time with Maclin, my summer isn’t that ideal summer that people who aren’t teachers imagine.


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