Top 10 Foods

I’m SUCH a creature of habit, and there are a few foods I stick to on an almost daily basis. I choose to prep all of my lunches, snacks, and main dinner dishes on Saturday or Sunday of each week, depending on the schedule. This is for 2 reasons. It keeps me on track, and I hate cooking during the week.


Top 10:

  1. Asparagus- steamed via the microway
  2. Sweet potatoes-cooked several different ways; so much fun to try new ways with them
  3. Broccoli– frozen, because it’s much easier to digest and taste just as awesome.
  4. Apples– most kinds
  5. Berries-whatever’s on sale
  6. Plain Greek Yogurt- partial to Chobani’s, but haven’t found one I dislike
    1. Also Dannon flavored Greek Yogurts in the single serve containers
  7. Egg whites– either from boiled eggs or from the carton; I dislike the texture of yolks.
  8. Oatmeal
  9. Chicken– for the past few months, I’ve been guilty of just buying the rotisserie chickens and using them throughout the week; almost too easy
  10. Twizzler’s– because I’m human. And it’s all about the balance.

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