Nap Time Reality

Things I should be doing while Maclin takes an afternoon nap:

  • Clean. Anything really. My house is already pretty clean to the naked eye, thanks to my obsessiveness. But isn’t there always one more closet to organize or one more baseboard to clean?
  • Nap. I’m so thankful he’s sleeping through the night right now (I know it will change, so I’m enjoying this time), but that doesn’t mean that I’m getting a ton of sleep. Ironically, more sleep than I did in the third trimester of pregnancy…
  • Read something for school. Like revisiting Teach Like a Champion to refresh myself on some of the concepts.
  • Read another section of What to Expect: The First Year to stress about things that my baby isn’t doing that other babies are…


What I’m actually doing:

  • Holding my sleeping baby because I can’t face waking him up to lay him in his crib after he fell asleep on me.
  • Typing this post. Obviously.
  • Watching a rerun of My 600 lb Life that I haven’t seen.
    • If you haven’t seen any episodes, fair warning that it gets addictive.
  • During commercials reading The Killing Lessons, a psychological thriller I started over a month ago and have yet to finish. Not because it’s not good or anything, but because #momlife.
  • Looking at things on Amazon that I shouldn’t be spending money on.


This is the reality of nap time.


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