I was never the girl who envisioned her “perfect” wedding


I met this guy in January of 2007 (technically I think fall of 2006) in a teacher prep course when a mutual friend formed a group with both of us in it. Other than thinking he was pretty cute, I had zero interest in dating any one at the time. I’ve always been a career-centered person; my goal in life was to be great at whatever job I ended up with…preferrably living in the city with a picture-perfect life; luckily, real life interfered. I kept in touch with Luke, and finally in September of 2008, he invited me to his birthday dinner, where he told me that I “looked pretty” in the dress I was wearing. I can’t believe I missed out of the time from when we met until that September because I didn’t have the vision of meeting and marrying someone. Luke is the absolute perfect complement to my in every way. Where I’m over-organized and scheduled (almost compulsively so), he teaches me to be laid back and enjoy the ride. Where I fret about everything, Luke approaches everything with very little stress. He makes me laugh and love life, and makes me a better person. Sometimes NOT following your “dream” gives you the life you never knew you wanted.


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