Top 10 Foods

I’m SUCH a creature of habit, and there are a few foods I stick to on an almost daily basis. I choose to prep all of my lunches, snacks, and main dinner dishes on Saturday or Sunday of each week, depending on the schedule. This is for 2 reasons. It keeps me on track, and I hate cooking during the week.


Top 10:

  1. Asparagus- steamed via the microway
  2. Sweet potatoes-cooked several different ways; so much fun to try new ways with them
  3. Broccoli– frozen, because it’s much easier to digest and taste just as awesome.
  4. Apples– most kinds
  5. Berries-whatever’s on sale
  6. Plain Greek Yogurt- partial to Chobani’s, but haven’t found one I dislike
    1. Also Dannon flavored Greek Yogurts in the single serve containers
  7. Egg whites– either from boiled eggs or from the carton; I dislike the texture of yolks.
  8. Oatmeal
  9. Chicken– for the past few months, I’ve been guilty of just buying the rotisserie chickens and using them throughout the week; almost too easy
  10. Twizzler’s– because I’m human. And it’s all about the balance.

Working (Out) Around the Coach’s Schedule

Just got home from a professional development for our transformation to a 1:1 technology school. We worked with our Learning Management System (LMS) called Canvas. Having the time to sit and work through it was super helpful.

For most teachers, the day after Memorial Day is just another day in the life of summer vacation; however, most teachers aren’t married to a football and basketball coach. Our summer schedule is almost busier than the regular school schedule. This year even more so because of having Maclin and wanting to add that to the balance. My normal gym workouts have to be divided into “Do at Gym” and “Do at Home” so that I’m home when my husband leaves for football every day at 5:30 a.m. So, most days I’ll do some cable and accessory work at the gym, and, because I have such a great husband who built me a home gym complete with a homemade squat rack, I’ll do any major lifts at home.File_000

You’re probably thinking 2 things:

  1. You have a home gym. Why are you still paying and going to a commercial gym?
  2. Why don’t you just workout later after your husband is home?


  1. I do A LOT of cable, kettlebell, and machine work in addition to my major lifts. It’s going to take more time and $ to add any/some of those to what I already have. I also like the mirrors.
  2. Lol….how many times have you said “I’ll work out after work” and found something else to do or had something come up? No excuses early in the morning. Besides, I teach summer school, and after it’s over I would like to get in some time with my baby.


So between adjusting my workouts and their timing, dealing with summer school,the endless camps/weightlifting sessions/scrimmages/games/practices that my husband has, professional development for school, and spending time with Maclin, my summer isn’t that ideal summer that people who aren’t teachers imagine.

Coffee and Naps

I thought these two things were pretty good about 10 years ago. Little did I know at the time how GREAT they actually are. If you’re someone who doesn’t drink coffee or any caffeine, stop reading now. We won’t get along.

3:00. In the morning. This is the time I was awoken the past 3 mornings (two of them being weekend mornings) by Maclin, who I had mentioned was sleeping through the night….

That’s what growth spurts will do. Throw your hard-earned schedule for a loop. During my pregnancy, I completely lost my taste for coffee. The thought of it made me sick. A coffee drinker since college, I was devastated. Magically, the taste returned hours after Maclin was born, and for that, I’m thankful.

Just because I was startled awake at 3 in the morning doesn’t mean I didn’t get a good workout in. Instead of an intense full-body weight session, I choose to do a HIIT workout either from home or at the gym. I absolutely LOVE planning out my own HIIT workouts, but though my body may have been working that early, my brain sure wasn’t ready, so I resorted to a YouTube video, which gave me such an awesome workout! The only equipment needed was a set of dumbbells.

I’m excited to spend a few more days with this baby before summer school starts!IMG_3439

My Baby Story


Most surreal day/night ever. I’ll fast forward through some details, but I think it’s important to get the main story written down. As far as labor and delivery goes, I think mine was pretty much textbook. But it’s my story, and therefore important.

My due date was February 22. A Wednesday. Of course I believed I would go against the typical first-time mom and have my baby on or before that date. This caused near tears when after my 40 week appointment that day, the on-call doctor (mine was out of the country of course…) said I wasn’t dilated at all. None. Zero. The following morning, my workout stayed the same, but near the end I started to notice a few cramps that caused me to rest more than usual. Later at school, my bad mood stayed and was accompanied by worsening cramps, that I attributed to the check-up the day before. They continued to worsen throughout the day, but after I called the doctor’s office, I was told that it was just early labor and that it could take a long time to progress into actual labor. I went home right after school, and asked my husband to do the same. We went to the grocery store to get a few items in case the “big day” came, and walking without a shopping cart to support me was almost an impossibility. The pains strengthened to the point where sleeping for 15 minutes without expressing my pain through screaming in a pillow and focused breathing was the new norm. Now with teaching, you can’t just call in sick to work. You have to arrange a sub, and make plans, for all 150 students. Around 4 a.m., I’d realized I was probably going to miss my first workout in months, but was still very insistent to my husband that I wanted to try to go in to teach. Too much to do, it was a special celebration day at school, just easier to go it, etc were some of the excuses. Luckily he didn’t listen to me and told me there was no way middle schoolers could take me seriously if I was leaning over breathing in pain every 5-7 minutes. I begrudgingly called in a sub and emailed her plans. I refused to go to the hospital at that time though, since I’d read too many stories about women being admitted, only to then be sent home for not being far enough along. I didn’t want more disappointment. We held out until around noon before heading 15 minutes to the hospital.

Once admitted and hooked the monitors, I was only 2 cm dilated. Only 2??? One of the many great nurses on staff told me they’d give me an hour and check again. If I’d dilated more, they’d admit me. Then she gave me the best advice: walking around DURING labor helps it progress quickly; walking around BEFORE labor really does nothing. My husband and I spent the next hour roaming the halls of the labor and delivery floor, pausing to lean over for each contraction. An hour later, I’d progressed enough to stay, and began making phone calls. Determined to keep progressing, and to not get the epidural until the halfway point, I continued walking around, IV intact. Finally around 6:30, the pain had brought me to tears. Luckily, I had made it past the halfway point and was almost 6 cm dilated. Bring on the epidural! At that point, I didn’t care how big the needle was. All I know was that all the pain went away after getting it.

***I know there are women who swear by all-natural births, the way it was meant to be; I’m not one of those women. If science created something to make the process a little easier, I’ll try it. And I’m not sorry.

The next few hours were sort of a blissful blur. I napped at times, or talked, or watched the monitors. They had to hook me up to some oxygen…mostly because my already-low pulse dipped lower after the epidural. The ONLY downside with the epidural was the catheter. Around 1:30 Saturday morning, I had progressed to full dilation. At the time, there was only 1 doctor on staff, as every other doctor was on vacation out of the country…what are the odds in late February?? So getting him in the room was a chess game, finding the right slot to bring him in amidst the 7 other deliveries happening that night. I wasn’t mentally ready for the pushing part, and I think my baby felt the same. I only pushed less than 8 sets of the pushing, but we had to take several breaks since every time I pushed and would get Maclin close enough to come out, his heart rate would dip in half. Once the doctor figured out how his body was turned and was able to rotate his head correctly, a few more pushes brought him right out, at 2:38 a.m.IMG_2261

Everything after that was in bits and pieces. Getting stitched, holding my baby, moving rooms, sleeping for from 4:30-5:30 before the nurses came in for their hourly check and press on my uterus, FINALLY getting to drink water, and the fiery pain of going to the bathroom for the first time postpartum. Holding my baby more and taking a small nap before the parade of visitors. It was quite the 48 hours from being admitted to being discharged, and as he grows I already feel my connection to those memories slipping away.


Wednesday Workout

In my fitness book, Wednesdays are back days. As in lifts that strengthen parts of the back. I look forward to these lifts, as they are some of my favorite. I’m pretty consistent with what I do, but change up some of the accessory lifts from week to week.

Today’s lifts, (3 sets of 12 reps)

  • Hex bar deadlift, assisted pull-ups, wide grip lat pull-down, dumbbell lateral raise
  • Reverse grip lat pull-down, alternating lat pull-down, Smith machine wide- grip row, rowing lat pushdown
  • Seated face pulls, Smith machine low row, close grip lat pull-down, seated wide grip cable row
  • Deltoid cross cable flies, lat push downs, machine deltoid flies, single arm cable row

Nap Time Reality

Things I should be doing while Maclin takes an afternoon nap:

  • Clean. Anything really. My house is already pretty clean to the naked eye, thanks to my obsessiveness. But isn’t there always one more closet to organize or one more baseboard to clean?
  • Nap. I’m so thankful he’s sleeping through the night right now (I know it will change, so I’m enjoying this time), but that doesn’t mean that I’m getting a ton of sleep. Ironically, more sleep than I did in the third trimester of pregnancy…
  • Read something for school. Like revisiting Teach Like a Champion to refresh myself on some of the concepts.
  • Read another section of What to Expect: The First Year to stress about things that my baby isn’t doing that other babies are…


What I’m actually doing:

  • Holding my sleeping baby because I can’t face waking him up to lay him in his crib after he fell asleep on me.
  • Typing this post. Obviously.
  • Watching a rerun of My 600 lb Life that I haven’t seen.
    • If you haven’t seen any episodes, fair warning that it gets addictive.
  • During commercials reading The Killing Lessons, a psychological thriller I started over a month ago and have yet to finish. Not because it’s not good or anything, but because #momlife.
  • Looking at things on Amazon that I shouldn’t be spending money on.


This is the reality of nap time.

I was never the girl who envisioned her “perfect” wedding


I met this guy in January of 2007 (technically I think fall of 2006) in a teacher prep course when a mutual friend formed a group with both of us in it. Other than thinking he was pretty cute, I had zero interest in dating any one at the time. I’ve always been a career-centered person; my goal in life was to be great at whatever job I ended up with…preferrably living in the city with a picture-perfect life; luckily, real life interfered. I kept in touch with Luke, and finally in September of 2008, he invited me to his birthday dinner, where he told me that I “looked pretty” in the dress I was wearing. I can’t believe I missed out of the time from when we met until that September because I didn’t have the vision of meeting and marrying someone. Luke is the absolute perfect complement to my in every way. Where I’m over-organized and scheduled (almost compulsively so), he teaches me to be laid back and enjoy the ride. Where I fret about everything, Luke approaches everything with very little stress. He makes me laugh and love life, and makes me a better person. Sometimes NOT following your “dream” gives you the life you never knew you wanted.

Summer Break, Day 1

Regardless of what you think teachers’ summer breaks are like, there are actually very few days that we have “off”. Most of my summer is spent teaching summer school, and attending professional development to make myself a better teacher. But in this week and a half between the end of school and the beginning of summer school, I relish the thought of the more relaxed days I get to have maintaining the balance.

But I still wake up at the same time. Not really because of a crying baby (he’s currently sleeping through the night), but because that’s what I’m used to. Also, I’ve become a light sleeper and woke up every time my baby stirred last night. I’m not the type to lay there once my mind is awake for the day, so here was the day’s workout:

  • Back squats, 3 sets of 10 reps, repeated 3 times, increasing weight by 5lbs per side each set
  • Single-leg glute bridges, 3 sets of 12
  • Cable kick-backs, 3 sets of 12 per leg
  • Landmine squats, 3 sets of 12
  • Dumbell chest press, incline press, and weighted pullover, 3 sets of 12
  • Lateral raises and fly variations
  • Landmine press

School’s Out, So First Post?

I’m new to the blogging world. Not necessarily new to writing, as I fashion myself a pretty good writer since I picked up a pencil in the early 90s, but the first time I’ve had the sense to write it all down to share with the world.

Why Teacher Mom Balance? I think the title is more than a bit obvious, but let me explain: I graduated with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in teaching from the University of Missouri in 2009 and 2010, respectively. I just finished up my EIGHTH year teaching…..writing that makes me feel and seem old, but just having celebrated my 30th birthday less than a month ago, I’ve had a lot of those “old” moments lately. (Like why isn’t rap from the 2010s cool any more???) Anyway, my 8th year of teaching, and my 4th of teaching 6th grade math. Before you wrinkle your nose at whatever stereotype is coming to your mind right now (I can probably verify all of them for you, from bad attitudes to bad body odor), there’s no other job I’ve loved more than the one I do now. It’s hard, and there’s days where you question if it’s worth it; in the end, it always is. Up until this year, I’d been living the married dream with my husband (teacher and coach) of 4 1/2 years.

Enter: February 25, 2017 at 2:38 a.m. Our first baby, Maclin, was born. We went from begin concerned with ourselves and our boring day-to-day schedules, to suddenly being concerned with a human life. We wouldn’t change any of it….and he’s seriously the cutest baby.IMG_2701

Prove me wrong. Since that day, my life has become 100x more interesting.

But why the blog? Millions, even billions, of women have kids and hold a full-time (sometimes multiple) jobs. I’m out to prove that I can be that supermom I want to be, and that it’s also possible to look the way you want to through fitness.

Pre-baby exercise regimen: Run 4-6 miles, weight training 50 minutes (give or take) almost every day.

Pregnancy exercise regimen: See above

Post-baby exercise regimen: See above

Yes, you read that correctly. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, and I wasn’t about to change what helps to make me who I am. Do I have to get up earlier than I did pre-baby? Yes. But it’s all about why I started this in the first place, the BALANCE of working, being a mom, and still staying fit. I could have easily stopped exercise during my pregnancy, and made excuses postpartum for why I couldn’t; but instead, I chose to find that balance in my life.